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Culinary Tourism

There are several culinary attractions in Surabaya most popular. Popular does not always mean the place of luxury with convenience food menu is expensive. But, more on the typical characteristics with unique menus.

1. Rujak Cingur Ahmad Jaiz
25 Minutes | Directions
puri darmo

Founded in 1970 by Ng Ciok Chu, the joint has been dubbed by many as the purveyors of the best Rujak Cingur in Surabaya. You won’t see any signboards that indicate its location, but ask the locals and they will certainly point you to towards the right direction. During my visit, Ng Giok Chu was supervising her daughter Ong Sioe Sin whilst she prepared all the ordered items. Since they don’t hire any staff, I had to wait for about 45 minutes for my Rujak Cingur to arrive on my table. It was huge in size, which would be perfect for sharing with your loved ones. I could see plenty of cingur (cow’s nose) in it, which thankfully were covered by the dark petis. Flavourful and odourless, it was so different from the other Rujak Cingur that I’ve tasted before. Add to that the smooth texture of the petis, and you’ve got yourself the finest Rujak Cingur ever.

2. Rice Duck "Dear Son" Cak Yudi
18 Minutes | Directions
puri darmo

Almost all residents to know where this culinary Surabaya. Not only famous for duck meat dish tasty and tender, but very popular with Pencit sambal (chili mango young) who feels unbeatable.

If other culinary attractions open till 24 hours, Rice Duck "Dear Son" Cak Yudi is only open three hours only, ie starting at 15:00 to 18:00 pm. If you want to enjoy the culinary offerings were delicious duck rice, you should immediately drove to the scene in the hours before running out.

3. Rawon Pak Pangat
22 Minutes | Directions
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Rawon is a traditional beef black soup originally from Surabaya. Rawon Pak Pangat is one of famous delicious Rawon restaurants in Surabaya, and it tasted more delicious since we were quite hungry.

Rawon Pak Pangat indeed other than others. Not only empalnya shredded meat that is tender, but the sauce is also creating a sensation blend good taste and not eneg because not much fat. There are two menus rawon available, mixed rawon and rawon krengsengan with taste equally delicious.

4. Nasi Empal Pengampon
27 Minutes | Directions
puri darmo

Empal is an Indonesian dish which actually means sweet fried beef.The nasi empal (empal with rice)at Empal Pengampon comes with sambel goreng kentang (sweet potato chips – it’s really good!!),tofu, tempe and chilli. This is definitely the dish to go for when you are extremely hungry, as the flavourful empal will make you eat more rice.

This eatery is located in one of the tiny alleys in Surabaya. Don’t expect anything fancy as it is really not fancy at all. BUT, I can assure you that you will have an enjoyable meal at Empal Pengampon.

5. Tahu Campur Kalasan
30 Minutes | Directions
puri darmo

Not only are popular with “tahu campur” Lamongan, Surabaya also has a culinary tour with a menu out of it, namely “tahu campur Kalasan”. From time to time, tc is still a crowd favorite. Culinary This one consisted of beef and beef offal, fried tofu, meatball, combined with lettuce and creamy spices.

Tahu Campur Kalasan in Tambaksari serves out mix is really special. The price is also very cheap, only Rp 10 thousand only you can enjoy a delicious serving of Tahu Campur. Intrigued by the culinary menu of this one? Immediately drove to the scene because this place is only open from late afternoon until 10pm.

6. Nasi Goreng Jancuk
22 Minutes | Directions
puri darmo

Nasi Goreng Jancuk culinary spot really exists and is always visited by citizens of Surabaya as well as those who came from out of town. In addition to the delicious taste of fried rice, Nasi Goreng Jancuk is famous for a large portion.

Spicy taste combined with strong spices would make it taste more delicious. Likewise Nasi Goreng Jancuk, culinary offerings is a blend of white rice, shredded chicken, eggs, shrimp, fried onion, chili, pickles and crackers. Feels very tasty, especially if eaten night.

7. Bebek Goreng Sinjay
36 Minutes | Directions
puri darmo

In Surabaya, Bebek Goreng Sinjay famous for its savory taste and texture of the meat is tender. The combination of savory flavors and sauce fresh vegetables were delicious dining atmosphere creates a truly memorable one.

Unique and distinctive flavor of Bebek Goreng Sinjay lies in sliced chili and mango young (called Pencit) so that it appears the sensation of two flavors, the spicy and sour. You can already try one serving Bebek Goreng Sinjay including warm rice and fresh tea. Culinary place in Surabaya, this one is also famous for fast service and convenient amenities. To facilitate customers, Bebek Goreng Sinjay also open the service delivery order.

8. Nasi krawu Sufayah (Near Holland Terang Bulan)
32 Minutes | Directions
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If you pay a visit to Surabaya, try a stopover in Surabaya culinary attractions Nasi krawu Sufayah. Krawu rice is actually the typical food of Gresik, but quite popular in Surabaya because of its delicious taste and distinctive.

Nasi krawu Sufayah has a characteristic form fluffier rice, complete with a variety of side dishes were delicious. Uniquely, this culinary offerings served with banana leaf wrap. As a side dish at Nasi krawu are beef, beef offal, beef stew, serundeng, complete with chili paste.

9. Mie Pecun
18 Minutes | Directions
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Fans of noodles there are everywhere, including in Surabaya. Mie pecun is a culinary tour native Surabaya, especially for fans of spicy food. In this place, you can try the sensation of processed super spicy noodles with spicy flavors are different. For fans of spicy food, of course this is a fun challenge.

Noodles spicy noodles pecun provide packages with different levels. Name of the package is also unique, for example Paket Culun (not spicy), Paket Semriwing (medium spicy), Paket Galau (medium spicy), and Paket Klimax (very spicy). As a complement to the menu, there is also a large selection of corned beef, eggs, and shrimp.

10. Lontong Balap Garuda Pak Gendut
19 Minutes | Directions
puri darmo

Since the first Lontong Balap has been synonymous with the city of Surabaya and its popularity has never faded until today. One of the culinary attractions in Surabaya which provides Lontong Balap is Lontong Balap Garuda Pak Gendut. These stalls almost never empty of visitors.

Lontong Balap has a distinctive flavor. In Surabaya, Lontong Balap Garuda Pak gendut renowned as a culinary night visited by many tourists from outside the area. With a dish of lontong, tauge, lento complete with bumbu petis, Lontong Balap Garuda Pak gendut that has been open since 1956 offering a distinctive sensation culinary offerings are unique and delicious.

11. G-Walk Surabaya
23 Minutes | Directions
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This is his night market the city of Surabaya, where available variety of culinary options attractive place to relax and hang out at the same time interesting. G-Walk is located in a plush residential area of West Surabaya, namely CitraRaya. When you enter the G-Walk, the complex looks like a restaurant and cafe are lined lengthwise.

G-Walk is only open at night. There are various modern and traditional cuisine in culinary attractions in Surabaya on this one, ranging from sea food, oriental cuisine, soto daging, sate ayam, sate kambing, gulai and cuisine with tastes of Europe. Similarly, the variety of drinks offered there.

12. Kepiting Cak Gundul
3 Minutes | Directions
puri darmo

Kepiting Cak Gundul is actually centered in Pandaan-Pasuruan or at Km. 48 Surabaya-Malang. However, branches in Surabaya also you can visit in the shop area of Kupang Indah. This is one of the culinary attractions in Surabaya that presents processed seafood was delicious, especially the crab on the menu.

Menu favorites at this place is Kepiting Bumbu Kare dan Kepiting Asam Manis. You can feel the joy of sweet and sour seasoning or taste the savory curry sauce on the meat and the shells of crabs. Seafood menu is also available, such as shellfish, fish, until the squid.

13. Pakuwon Food Festival
43 Minutes | Directions
puri darmo

This is one of the culinary attractions in Surabaya is visited by tourists. Established in 2008, Pakuwon Food Festival has around 100 tenants offering a variety of culinary menu. You can choose a variety of foods, ranging from the typical archipelago to foreign countries, from traditional to modern recipes.

Culinary region in Surabaya this one is also a favorite destination of many communities, ranging from automobile lovers, musical group, to art, and so forth. You can find the atmosphere quite romantic there with the presence of thousands of garden decoration lights hung along the entrance. Location Pakuwon Food Festival it is quite far from the city center, but the easy road access and parking make this place popular..

14. Zangrandi Ice Cream
25 Minutes | Directions
puri darmo

If you buff ice cream and want to enjoy these snacks wrapped in the atmosphere of the old days, you should visit Zangrandi. In the past, the ice cream parlor Zangrandi is a gathering place for Dutch socialite who became a hangout or dance.

Location Zangrandi fairly easy to reach, you'll feel comfortable enjoying a delicious ice cream treats and outstanding service. Some menu favorites at this culinary venue, such as Banana Split, Tuty fruty and Macadonia. Not only ice cream, also available as menu risoles, pastels, and croquettes.

15. Bebek Palupi
32 Minutes | Directions
puri darmo

In Surabaya, processed and fried duck roasted duck was delicious you can also enjoy at the depot Palupi. Open at noon, you can enjoy duck dishes are impressive, but at an affordable price.

Processed duck in Palupi depot has the advantage with duck meat soft textured, yellow spice pervasive, and sambal. Not to forget also, pieces of duck meat is also somewhat larger than the other places. No wonder that this depot favored by many foodies, especially refined fuel popular duck..