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Natural Tourism & Entertainment

1. Surabaya Zoo
14 Minutes | Directions
puri darmo

Kebun Binatang Surabaya (KBS) located in Jalan Setail No. 1 Surabaya. The zoo is famous and become one of the recreational destination very proud for being the largest zoo in Southeast Asia. The zoo is quite famous because it is located in front of the statue "Suroboyo", which is the icon of the shark and crocodile that symbolizes the city of Surabaya. In addition, KBS is also conveniently close to the terminal Joyoboyo.

2. Suramadu Bridge
47 Minutes | Directions
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Suramadu bridge (an abbreviation of the Surabaya-Madura) that connects between the islands of Java and Madura is getting easier for us who are on a visit to the island of Java to Madura without boarding crossings. Besides being used as a pedestrian bridge, with the beauty of the structure of the bridge, longest bridge also be used as a new tourist attraction in Surabaya and Madura.

3. Ciputra Waterpark
10 Minutes | Directions
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Ciputra Waterpark is the largest water ecotourism in Indonesia and even in Southeast Asia. Located in West Surabaya, and it was built by the Company in the area Ciputra Group Citraland. Standing in the area of 5 hectares, Ciputra Waterpak are water rides inspired by the fairy tale adventures of Sinbad. There are several rides at this Waterpark, such as Sirens River, Chimera Pool, Marina Lagoon, Sinbad Playground, Roc Tower and Syracuse.

4. Mangrove Forests Wonorejo
48 Minutes | Directions
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Mangrove forests are located on Highway Wonorejo No. 1, Wonorejo, Rungkut, Surabaya, East Java. To reach these places visitors past road trip, which can be reached motorcycles and cars. Visitors must travel about three and a half kilometer from the Bridge MERR II-C Stikom Surabaya.

We do not have to worry about stray towards Ecotourism Mangrove Wonorejo, many boards scattered directions to the mangrove forests Wonorejo. During the trip we passed the bridge MERR II-C, Stikom Surabaya, School of IPH and taxi Orenz. During the journey to ecotourism, river Jagir be our left side. In this area we would see a lot of birds perched on a mangrove tree. After a while we turn left into the entrance area Ecotourism Mangrove Wonorejo.

5. Kenjeran Beach
48 Minutes | Directions
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Kenjeran Beach located in the Kenjeran district in the east of Surabaya, about 9 km from the city center. Kenjeran beach is divided into two beaches, they Kenjeran Beach Old and New

Activities that can be done in Old Kenjeran Beach is enjoying the panorama of the beach, fishing, sailing, and buy sea fish. While activity in New Kenjeran Beach Biada used for sports activities, such as, Tennis, Motor Racing, Horseracing,, Swimming, Fishing, Playground, and places of worship.

6. Bratang Flower Market
52 Minutes | Directions
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Bratang Flower Market is a traditional flower market in Surabaya, more precisely in the way Bratang. For those who want to find interest in Surabaya can visit this Bratang flower market.

Initially the market is only a small market that had stood since the 1990s, but over time, the market is now in Bratang interest is growing.

Now, this market has been well-organized, the cleanliness of the flower market Bratang has been completely taken care of, it can make the visitors who come and want to buy flowers so feel comfortable.

7. Bungkul Park
18 Minutes | Directions
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Revitalization Bungkul Park with the concept of Sport, Education, and Entertainment has unveiled since March 21, 2007. An area of 900 square meters built with funds of about 1.2 billion even then equipped with various facilities, such as skateboarding and BMX bike track, jogging track, plaza (an open stage that can be used for a live performance of various types of entertainment), wireless internet access (Wi-Fi or HotSpot), payphone, green park arena like a fountain, and a food court area. Even the garden is also equipped with a lane for people with disabilities so that they can participate recreation. The park is located on the main streets Raya Darmo it could further benefit the residents of the metropolitan city of Surabaya.

8. Mayangkara Park
17 Minutes | Directions
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Mayangkara park built to commemorate the bravery among others Mayangkara Battalion 503 under the command of Major Djarot Soebyantoro against the Netherlands. Area Mayangkara Park, in front of the Islamic Hospital (RSI), there is a monument to Mayor Djarot Soebyantoro up the white horse Mayangkara. Surabaya residents used to call Monuments Mayangkara.

Being in this location feels more comfortable for the whole area of the park has been decorated with colorful flowers and ornamental plants. In fact, around the monument comes arena for the roads and means to forge the joy with family.

9. Rainbow Park
25 Minutes | Directions
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Rainbow Park Surabaya including points or RTH (green open space). While exact location on Jalan Ahmad Yani which included the entrance of the city of Surabaya. This garden tour has indeed been presented with a unique design and monumental for reception when entering the city of Surabaya. The shape resembles a leaf segments with consists of 31 pillars arranged in a curved pattern.

Called the Rainbow Park Surabaya because at this park in pairs of colorful lights. So every night these segments will glow like a rainbow. Therefore, in the afternoon or night the park was very crowded. Ranging from adults to children who visit to play and just take pictures ria photo.

10. Mundu Park
33 Minutes | Directions
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Mundu Park become a new entertainment venue as a recreation place for the citizens of Surabaya. An area of 4,800 square meters on Jl. This Tambaksari complete the number of new park in Surabaya, which was unveiled earlier

Facilities offered entertainment venues is quite complete: from a playground for children, the rocky tracks to the area on foot while enjoying a massage reflection, as well as a spacious seating. Special again, Wildlife Mundu also become one of the locations (other than Bungkul Park) selected by PDAM Surabaya to be a spot of tap water drinkable.

11. Taman Prestasi
26 Minutes | Directions
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Prestasi Park made in 1992 is located on the road Ketabangkali This location is 200 meters to the west after the bridge Yos Sudarso which is a park in the city center.

Prestasi Park has an area of approximately 6000 square meters. The extent of this park looks on the green grass that looks neat and orderly. Travelers can enjoy all the facilities in it.

12. Remaja Park Surabaya
30 Minutes | Directions
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Located at Jl. Kusuma Bangsa 112-114, Surabaya is standing on an area of 16.910 m² is managed by PT. Star Taman Remaja Surabaya. Taman Remaja Surabaya pretty cool to visit with family for a variety of games that will make your baby cry of pleasure and linger there. You can carry them around the park area by driving a super car. Or invite them to have fun with a vehicle bumper cars. They can also have fun by driving Kiddy Ride and Merry Go Round.

13. Suroboyo Carnival Park
23 Minutes | Directions
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Suroboyo Carnival Park has come to support the Surabaya city as a tourist destination that is very unique and interesting. Because you can shop with your family and enjoy a variety of exciting entertainment. The presence of this tour could also be an alternative for you in Surabaya

you can enjoy every day from 4 pm until 12 o'clock at night. Suroboyo Carnival Travel Park brought the concept in the form of a night market which is almost equal to Batu Night Spectacular. That's because combined with games, markets, fairs and sports, and entertainment in one area. Although it had problems in its early years, but it still remains attractive tourist visit with loved ones.

14. Artama Harbour Cruise
20 Minutes | Directions
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Many people are looking for alternative entertainment venue that can provide serenity and freshness to relieve boredom. Some of the attractions the city has available, and more complete with the presence of nautical tourism vessel with the name of the service specification "Artama Harbour Cruise."

PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia III or Pelindo III (Persero), supporting the development of the tourism sector is to renovate Boat Motor, Artama III, to be operationalized into a tourist ship. This ship was made in Australia in 1985, has a capacity of about 35 passengers, with a maximum rate of speed of 12 knots.

The beauty of the Port of Tanjung Perak provide attractive options for tourists. They can enjoy the beauty of the Suramadu Bridge, Statue Monument Jalesveva Jayamahe, the Cultural Heritage Office Buildings Adpel Tanjung Perak, until Karang Jamuang Island.

15. De Mata Trick Eye Surabaya
13 Minutes | Directions
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Museum De Mata Surabaya or also called the Eye Tricks This museum, contains 104 images a three-dimensional object can be made by visitors. This three-dimensional image in the form of animals, fantasy, world location, super hero, films and others. This museum has an area of 873 square meters and is Trick Eye Museum to-two after Yogjakarta.

Location Museum De Mata Surabaya in Sutos is not difficult to spot. You stay up stairs to walk next to the bakery outlets Breadtalk, then take a right to the majors. At the end of this path you are going to find the location of the ticket sales of Trick Eye Museum is colored bright red. For ticket prices, to differentiate between weekdays and weekends.

16. Air Mancur Menari Kenjeran
48 Minutes | Directions
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Air mancur menari is precisely located in Kenjeran bridge connecting Amusement Park Beach Kenjeran with some areas in Surabaya. The bridge is curved like the arc splitting and connecting lines Kenjeran Beach Road Kenjeran eastward to MERR region and Laguna Jalan Surabaya.

From this bridge we can also enjoy the beautiful view of the sunrise and sunset with the backdrop of the Madura Strait. This bridge is equipped with a lift on both sides is provided to persons with disabilities.

Performances Airmancurmenari located to the right of the entrance is Kenjeran Beach for a while just operated on every Saturday night at 20:00 to 21:00. Songs that accompany the dance dancing fountains have various types of classic songs to songs typical of Surabaya as the Red Bridge and Semanggi Suroboyo.

17. Batik House Surabaya
39 Minutes | Directions
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Batik house located at Jalan Dukuh Tambak have batik collection of more than 2,000 sheets with patterns and motifs are different and come from various places in Indonesia.

No wonder then Rumah Batik Jawa Timur get MURI (Indonesian Record Museum). Evidence in the form of an award bearing the batik biggest city of Surabaya can you see if a visit to the batik home. Rumah Batik Jawa Timur opened to the public starting in 2004 can be visited on since at 8:00 to 20:00 pm every working day or until 19:00 pm on weekends.