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Religious Tourism

1. Sunan Ampel Mosque
26 Minutes | Directions
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Sunan Ampel Mosque is the oldest mosque to three in Indonesia, founded by Raden Achmad Rachmatullah in 1421, in the territory of the kingdom of Majapahit. The mosque was built by the ancient Javanese architecture, with the feel of a thick Arabic. Raden Achmad Rachmatullah better known as Sunan Ampel died in 1481. His grave is located in the west of the mosque. Until 1905, Ampel Mosque is the second largest mosque in Surabaya. The mosque used to be a gathering place for scholars and friends of Allah to discuss the spread of Islam in Java.

2. Al Akbar Mosque
15 Minutes | Directions
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The mosque is known as the second largest mosque after Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta. The location of the mosque is located in Masjid Al Akbar Timur 1, Pagesangan, Surabaya. You'll meet him when crossing Tol Surabaya - Porong.

With the characteristic blue dome and its 99-meter tower. This mosque stands in an area of 11.2 hectares, with an area of 28 509 m2 and can accommodate 59,000 worshipers.

3. Surabaya Cheng Ho Mosque
28 Minutes | Directions
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Located in Jalan Gading No. 2, Ketabang, Genteng, Surabaya, this mosque has a distinctive architectural style of China and is the first mosque to use the name of Chinese Muslims.

Remembering the value of history in the 15th century in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1643) in which the Chinese from Yunnan came to spread the religion of Islam in Java, including Admiral Cheng Ho aka Sam Poo Kong sent by Yung Lo to visit the kingdom of Majapahit.

4. Santa Perawan Maria Catholic Chruch
28 Minutes | Directions
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A church that was founded in 1899 in the Dutch colonial era. In addition to historical value, this church is still in active use, and become a cultural heritage city of Surabaya.

5. Hok An Kiong Vihara
27 Minutes | Directions
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The oldest temple in Surabaya is located at no.2 jalanCoklat, and was built in 1830 and formerly named Tepekong Straat. At first this pagoda is a temporary building for the nomads crew of the Chinese origin of Hok Kian.

Currently Hok An Kiong temple is managed by the foundation Sukhaloka. In the middle of the room there is an altar Goddess temple Thian Siang Sing Ma Boo or Co and the altar of the god Kwan Kong.

6. Sanggar Agung Temple
48 Minutes | Directions
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A temple located by the sea shore and opened Kenjeran public in 1999. The hallmark of the statue of Kwan Im high as 20 m. This temple is a place of worship for followers of the three responsibilities, and are also open to tourists.

7. Ki Ageng Bungkul Tomb
18 Minutes | Directions
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Almost everyone who has been to Surabaya must know the name Bungkul Park, the center of car free day program held Surabaya City each week. Yes, in the Park Bungkul besides there are beautiful parks, playgrounds, are also stored historical and Mbah Bungkul tomb. Where 700 years ago before it was named Surabaya, formerly known as "Pertapaan Mbah Bungkul".

The name comes from the Bungkul Park Ki AgengBungkul, or Syech Machmuddin, known as Sunan Bungkul, a warrior of Islam very well known in the greatness of the kingdom of Majapahit. There are tombs he and some of his closest people.

8. WR. Supratman Tomb
36 Minutes | Directions
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And here he is the figure most known by all the people of Indonesia, he is WR. Soepratman, songwriter Indonesia Raya. His tomb is located in Jalan Kenjeran, bersebrangan with Rangkah Cemetery.

Inside the walls of his tomb are inscriptions, cupola-shaped joglo and monuments. It's very beautiful, well maintained, lots of frangipani trees and shade. Please visit for you who want to remember.